Generate OTF-files of more than one font-file

How can I create e.g. 10 otf-files, of 10 open Glyphs-files? Now I export 1 file at a time!
Another Q: Are there a easy way to remove round corners, and replace them with some sharp ones?

Did you try creating “Project” ?

Try {MakeCorner} filter by @mekkablue

Thanks. What’s ‘Project’?? A plug in?
I have {MakeCorner}, but it’s not installed, I can’t see it in ‘Filter-menu’. It’s not the same as ‘Round Corner’?

Glyphs>File>New Project

Thank you – I just tried this, then Glyphs crashed!

Now I have got the window ‘New Project’, but I can still only import one file at a time. Furthermore, a Bold-Italic is automatically re-named to ‘Regular’… Strange.

That would be a simple Python script.

About the corners: there is my filter, yes, but in the latest betas, there is also: Paths > Other > Make Corner. They work slightly differently.

I’m not a scripter ;-(
If I have 50 font-files, it’s time-consuming to generate one at a time ;-(

Yes I also am having Crashes with Project; specifically when closing its window !!

I expected it can accumulate several files and > instances can be renamed … but you have first to save a .glyphsproject file, then to click the refresh button down !

@mekkablue @GeorgSeifert I suggest that the Project panel get more enhancements in terms of:
Choosing exported format, Syncing with source Glyph Files after renaming instances (or with Merge); changes made on source files to be updated without the need to re-import them into Project.

Controlled with a custom parameter.

What exactly should be synced?

This should already work. Perhaps try a 2nd time

I made something a while ago for a similar purpose. In case it helps, code is below, though it’s nothing fancy.

fp = GetFolder() 
of = list(Glyphs.fonts)

for f in of:
    for i in f.instances:
            e = i.generate(FontPath=fp)

Syncing with source Glyph Files after renaming instances
What exactly should be synced?

If you have the Project file and the Glyphs files that are referenced in it open at the same time, and edit something in the Glyphs file, the changes are not picked up in the project file unless you close it and open it again. Maybe there could be a button to refresh the referenced source files?

BTW there seem to be some crashes around project files right now. I have Glyphs crashing as soon as I try to close a project file. Sent a report through the crash reporter.

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Do you mean you have a project file without local instances? Normally you there are other instance settings on purpose.

I fixed the crash.