Generate Unicode Range and Filter with Unicode

I’d like to suggest a feature to generate specific Unicode Ranges or Encodings (i.e. “Adobe Type-1 standard”, “ISO8859-1 Latin” or “Basic Russian Alphabet”).

Which I can then fill in; this would be useful so I know which non alphabet glyphs I need to do, not so much for the alphabets.

And subsequently filters that sort according to these specs.

You can already do that with list filters.

Yes when I select “Basic Latin” I get the Basic Latin Alphabet, but not the punctuation, symbols and so on that come with unicode Basic Latin.

Also can not generate all glyphs that are under “Basic Latin” which I can then fill in.

You are free to create your own list filter with all the characters you want in the order you want. You can create a list filter with the gear menu in the bottom left of the window in font view.

thanks that did the trick,
much appreciated