Generating component glyphs and kerning

I am newbie, so forgive me this simple question.

I have opened font with some kerning pair for the letter c
after that I have generated new glyph ccaron
in kerning pallet I coudn’t find ccaron and new glyph have no kerning at all.

how should I do this to have proper kerning copied from c to ccaron at once after generating component glyphs

As I figure from your other post, you are on the right track. You use kerning groups for that.

add the same group to both glyphs and then click the compress button in the kerning panel.

a bit more detailed description about kerning groups are in the help file.


Tx Georg,

It is some kind of bug in help topics too.

No help topics were found for ‘compress’

It would be helpful to have a little explanation about what does this compress button do.

The compress button does tries to copy simple glyph kerning (kerning between single letters) to kerning groups. So if you have kerning for “c” and “o”, and defined kerning groups, it will replace the pair with one for “MM_L_c” and “MM_R_o” with the same value. Then all glyphs with the same group share the same value.


Hi Georg
Would it be possible to retain the kerning pair information when creating Diacritic characters as 99percent of them would be the same as the original letter.

I was looking for the list view, (that should be at the top left next to the + sign,) that was mentioned in one of the tutorials, and couldn’t find it, is this something not included in the mini version?

Thanks for the excellent program

The mini version does not have the list view. But you can still use class kerning. Have a look at the manual about that.