Generating fonts and


My patience is being tested these days. Trying to generate fonts from a .glyphs file with many instances results in crashes. For a minority of these I send out crash reports, as it is a bit embarrassing to send one for every crash. Yesterday I was desperate enough to update from 895 to 897 in the hope that one of the crash fixes fixed my crash. It did not: some more crash reports. But with perseverance I get to generate all my fonts. But then…

It turns out that release 897 has modified the custom parameter “don’t use production names”, so that it does not work anymore. It would have been better if this parameter had been called “do not use production names” because the quoteright character is creating misery upon misery. If I try out Glyphs 2.1, which can generate fonts without crashing, it shows up as “Don¬タルt use Production Names”. Which means it does not work either.

So I went back to 895, reconstructed the “don’t use production names” and back to generating fonts.

But what is going to happen with “don’t use production names” if the crash is fixed in some future version?

Jelle Bosma

Please always send crash reports, the more the better.

I can confirm it does not work in the latest beta. Must be a bug. I assume it will be fixed in the upcoming beta.

I fixed it.