Generating IJ and ij

I am trying to generate an /IJ and an /ij, but the outlines are put on top of each other instead of after each other.

I had a look at the glyphdata.xml file:

Waht can I change here to get it right ? I am not quite a coding guru :slight_smile:

If you aren’t doing anything more special than just generating IJ/ij glyphs then why bother?

Because I am Dutch :slight_smile:

The client I often work for has it standard in its encoding. And I do not want to recalculate the right distance between the components every time. Escpecially after altering the spacing.

Did you disable automatic alignment again? Because with auto alignment, they should be put and kept next to each other. Inschakelen dus. (You’re Dutch you said?)

Or you could try: Font > Add Glyphs, and write a recipe like “I+J=IJ”.

Nope, auto lignment is checked. And I tried every possible recipes…

Happens to fonts with and without anchors.

[Mac ox 10.9.5, G2 (657)]

I am Dutch, born in France, lived in Germany :slight_smile:

The auto alignment option should be unchecked in Font Info. (You said it’s checked, so just to be sure)

Thanks !