Generating multiple handles at once

Is there a way of generating handles on multiple straight segments at once, alt+clicking is getting quite tedious.

Can you show the context where you need that?

I found it quicker to match these kinds of curves by plotting them with straight nodes first, and then convert them to curve nodes, and clean up the result. The only downside is the alt+clicking.

I would use way less nodes. I’m pretty sure that you only need one (if at all) intermediate node per quadrant.

Then use Fit Curve to match the curvature.

I’ll see if I can find a way to convert all selected segments.

There’s a subtle funk in the way the curvature breaks that I couldn’t quite replicate with Fit Curve, and I’m trying to not loose any of it’s personality. I figured, that with one extra on curve point I can make pretty good match, but it’s not always obvious where this point should be. That’s where this ‘plotting’ technique helped me a bit. I also think, that it would be a useful feature for general sketching.