Generating Static Font from Variable Font

I am working on a project where I need to get static font from variable fonts at different wgth. For example, the wgth is 296 on a variable font and the non-variable (static font file (ttf)) is generated with weight 296.

Are there any tools or scripts out there that can help with this?

Exporting the instance does not work for you?

Do you have a .glyphs file or a .ttf variable font?

I do have a variable font file that I am working with.
I am trying to attach that on here but it doesn’t allow “new users” to upload. Is there another way I could send you the file?

Where did you get the variable font?

There are tools that can generate instances but I never used one.

I made the font myself using Glyphs. (it has only the uppercase letters right now but with one axes; wgth)

Where can I find these tools?

If you have the glyphs file, you don’t need those tools. Just add instances and export as OTF.

That I know. That it is possible to generate instances.
But I am trying to basically generate static font file, .ttf/.otf from a variable font file (.ttf/.otf) at any possible wgth value, not just the instances.

Why do you need to do that from the variable font and not from within Glyphs?

The Dinamo Darkroom Font Gauntlet offers an option for deriving a static TTF from the current OTVar Settings.