Generating trial fonts

If I want to export just a part of the font as web-font, (like A-Z, a-z, 0-9 or so) are Custom Parameters way to go? How?
Sorry if my question is silly, but what will happen with the OT features in this case? Will G handle everything automagicaly?

Yes. Try Keep Glyphs.

Yes for automated features. For your own, manual feature code, you will need parameters like Remove Features, Replace Feature or the like.

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Thank you @mekkablue

Here’s a quick script that will update manual feature code (either replacing feature if it has other rules, or removing if its empty) if you have items in either the Keep or Remove Glyphs custom Parameters. Be warned though, it appends the parameters, so if it runs twice, you’ll get duplicates.

Thank you @RobPratley I’ll try it. For this time I had no reason to keep any fea as it is really basic set of UC, lc, numerals and plain punctuation.

I use Remove Glyphs custom parameter for zero, z, Z, but I still get this error on export: Error: “Glyph “zero” not in font (featMapGName2GID)” in Feature tnum in line: 1. All features in the font are automated. Adding the Update Features parameter doesn’t help either.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Can you try adding an Update Features parameter right after?


I guess the feature automator assumes that there is always a zero. Try also deleting