German Quotationmarks

Hey everyone,

i just started using Glyphs and have to create a Font for a german client (I am german myself too).
In Germany we quote like that: „Hello“. We have the first mark on the baseline, second up top. Every font I know and used so far did that automatically. On a german Layout I simply press shift+2 both times. In Glyphs 3 I get the ‘quotedbl’ glyph when I do that. I designed the ‘quotedblbase’ but I do not know the keybind for that.

What I need to know is: How to implement/code what ever, the german quotation marks? Thanks in advance!

Best from Germany.

This quote substitution is not done by the font, but by the operating system or app that you are using. On a Mac, this is configurable in the System Preferences:

Glyphs does not do this quote substitution on purpose so you always get what you have typed. On a German keyboard, that would be Shift-2 for ", Option-^ for „ and Option-Shift-^ for “ (and also Shift-# for ', Option-S for ‚ and Option-# for ‘).

Tested it in Illustrator and it worked as intended. Today I learned something :smiley: Thank you very much!