Germandbls in cursive font

Hi, I created lowercase ß in my cursive script font, so I would like it to connect with the previous and following letter, but when I type a word like straße the letter preceding ß becomes a .fina and the one after ß a .isol.
Can this be solved easily and how?

I don’t know exactly what is the issue, but I think you need to add alternates to germandbls too.

I suspect that the germandbls is not in the right classes.

It’s happening with ae oe oslash too.
Are these glyphs treated differently from the other lower case glyphs? I don’t get it.
I did not include them in the opentype code yet but shouldn’t them be treated as medi forms if I don’t code?

Hi Georg, yes you were right thanks. I resumed the project after a while and forgot a few things.