Get the status of the fontview


Thanks for providing awesome application!
I’d like to know that is it available to get the current fontview custom order status from the script. Which means to know the custom order was applied to the fontview and if it is then which custom order was applied.

Use Font.glyphs to get the glyphs in the Font View order.

For the glyph-specific order, have a look at sort name of a glyph.

Thanks for reply, but I’d like to get the order which currently applied to the Font View. Or, to get which custom filter applied to the current Font View.

controller = thisFont.currentTab.windowController()
glyphsInFontView = controller.valueForKey_("glyphsController").arrangedObjects()
for glyph in glyphsInFontView:

Or, a bit more pythonesque:

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Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reply!