Ghost anchor? 🐼

This cap component glyph is marked as incompatible, though there is one compatible path and one anchor in every master. When I show master compatibility, I see to the right of the actual anchor that there’s something else here, which I can’t select or delete.

Same thing on the flipped cap component:

I’ve tried restarting and even updating Glyphs.

Can you send me that file?

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Just sent, thanks Georg :slight_smile:

there is a stray corner component in the first master:

Ooh, thanks. I can’t see it, how can I delete it?

I had the same problem few months ago.
Press Cmd+A three times and it will select corner components.

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As so often, there is a @mekkablue script: Remove Detached Corners.


Thanks! Didn’t know this could happen. Would it be possible for those to show somehow an error, otherwise how could we know we need to remove detached corners?

It should be visible in 3.2.


Thanks :grin: