Git instalation crashed glyphs

could it be python’s fault?

where did you get the report from that you send earlier?

It is a problem with python. But I need to see the latest report to know what is blocking now. Maybe we can schedule a screen-sharing session? So that I can check it myself?

Sure we can. If you work on weekends, tomorrow, and on Sunday anytime would be good for me. Next week anytime before 12 pm. (GMT+2)

So, Georg solved my issue in around 3-5 minutes of screen sharing. I deleted plugins in the wrong place. I deleted them by “show package contents” and it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t aware I should reach them as well through the library. Thanks, now everything works.

Actually, deleting the plugins inside the app should break it as that invalidates the code signing. Next time I’ll point out the location of the plugins to be deleted.

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