Global glyph plug-in

Can I register ‘Specify Outline as Global Glyph (Plug-in)’ with the menu bar?

Currently, I copy the outline and paste it into the global glyph.

But it takes a long time. I’d like to specify a shortcut.

I want to designate a shortcut very much because I often use the Global Glyph Plug-in.

You could write a simple script. Put the script in the Scripts folder, reload the Script menu, and assign a shortcut in the keyboard system preference.

Oh, it’s not easy.
I can specify a shortcut.
But I don’t know how to write scripts.
Could you introduce me a script I can refer to?

Start here:

There are 4 parts in total. You should be able to write what you need after the 3rd part. We’ll help you when you’re stuck.

Edit: Or, ask the plug-in author for a contextual menu item that does the job for you. Consider opening an Issue in the GitHub repository with a feature request.