Glyhps Mini: How to export fonts

I am a newbie to the program and I just can’t figure out how to export to Postscript or TTF. All I am seeing is UFO / Photo Font / Glyphs file format options. Could you give me some pointers as to what I may be missing?



To continue along this topic: When trying to save as .UFO I get an unspecific error.

"The document “X” could not be saved as “X.ufo”. "


Normally, you would do File > Export… There seems to a problem. But an update should be available in the next few days.

I am having this same problem- I try to export and the only option is Photofont. Is there a fix for this coming soon?

The update should be available soon.

But can you have a look at the, if there is any message related to Glyphs Mini?

The update is approved and will be available any minute.

I downloaded the update- but it still does not work. The program either crashes, or I get an error message and no export font is created.

I have tried on several fonts, both just ones I’ve opened and duplicated, and ones that I have created from scratch, and export to OTF either crashes Glyphs entirely, or gives an error message and won’t work.

When it crashes, a long error report is generated. I can send you the text of that if you like. On a couple of instances, it did not crash, but just didn’t export, giving this message:

cmap{plat=3,script=1,lang=0}: multiple glyphs Tcommaaccent uni021A mapped to code <21a>
No File was created. The reason is unknown.

I’d really appreciate a fix for this, I need it for a project, and have already been waiting for some time for OTF to actually work.

The error message says that you have two glyphs with the same Unicode. There are a few possible candidates. The Tcommaaccent and Tcedilla (called uni021A) and some Greek letters. This is due to historically inconsistent naming for this letters. Renames the uni021A with Tcedilla and do the same with the lower case variant. And you will find two Omegas, Deltas an Mu’s. Delete the one with the uni name.

Hi, i can export the font, but when i installed everything looks like is working, buti can’t use it in illustrator nor photoshop or even word.

did you read this: