Glyph Authentification Code not sent to E-Mail

Well, it’s pretty simple. Everybody knows that Glyph sometimes asks for a Auth. code which it sends to your E-Mail Adress.

Okay. This time I had to do it again, they said they sent the E-Mail… one hour ago. Yes, it says it may take some minutes but one hour is a lot of time. I’m not having the bug with GMail, because I don’t use GMail. I have no Spam folder either.

I’m still waiting for the mail to arrive.
And if anyone knows why Glyph even wants an auth. code and if I can disable this “feature”, please tell me as well.
I’m sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand me here.

My Glyphs never asks me for a code from an e-mail. Just double click the license you purchased.

Who is ‘they’?