Glyph contour does not intersect itself

Hi all,
I am in a process of submitting my new font family to the Monotype Font Platform. When I uploaded the font files, five out of six interpolated weights/styles got a warning that the “Glyph contour does not intersect itself.” But all the masters and one interpolated style did not get the warning.

However, when I exported files, I had already chosen the “Remove Overlap” option. So, I’m not sure why some of the weights still got flagged. I had also tried an alternative solution suggested by Monotype which is a custom parameter in File > Font Info > Instances. Add a parameter called “Filter”, and type “RemoveOverlap” in the Value field. But, again, I still got the same warning.

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 12.52.50 AM

I’m wondering if you guys know of other fixes I can try to resolve this issue. Please let me know when you have a moment.


Please complain at myFont that they at least give you the glyph name that is triggering the warning.

I guess I’m experiencing the same issue. Some glyphs built from component parts have a tiny gap in some (not all) interpolated styles. In my case, in Medium style (Bold looks OK).

Of course, I checked twice if #exit/#entry’s anchors positions in components are OK. They are.

Thats why it is advised to always add some delicate overlap.

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