Glyph Crash when exporting VF with Disable Masters CP (3213)

I got crashes in Glyphs when attempting to export a VF instance using the “Disable Masters” custom parameter. Export work correctly when this CP is unchecked.
With or without Axis location set, Glyphs crash.

I’m unable to share the file with you, but I have submitted multiple crash reports.
I’m uncertain if this issue occurred in previous versions, as I couldn’t export with the last stable release due to overlapping errors.

Can you send us the file?

I think I might be experiencing the same issue and will send you my file.

I still can’t export a Variable Font when the “Disable Masters” Custom Parameter is active.

I have a Glyphs file containing Condensed, Normal, and Extended masters. I’m attempting to export a Variable Font for Normal masters only.

If I remove just the Condensed masters, the export succeeds.
If I remove just the Extended masters, the export also succeeds.
However, if I remove both, Glyphs crashes.

Can you send me your current file?

I’ve confirmed that this is my issue as well. When I remove the Disable Masters parameter, the fonts export without crashing. Thank you for sharing!

It should export with the parameter. If someone can send me a font that crashes in the latest version?

The file I sent you previously still crashes on my computer unless I remove the Disable Masters parameter, even though you had said that it exports fine for you. Is there anything else I could share that might help uncover what’s happening?

Please keep sending the crash reports.

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I tested several variations of the Disable Masters property. My font has 3 axes and 7 masters, and for one of the exports, I disable 4 masters (2 axes).

  1. Uncheck property = no crash
  2. Remove property = no crash
  3. Remove 2/4 masters from the property = no crash
  4. Add those 2 masters back in = crash
  5. Rename those 2 masters and their reference in the property = crash
  6. Remove the property and add all 4 into a new Disable Masters property = crash
  7. Add those same 2 masters into a second Disable Masters property = no crash

At least now I have a workaround that allows me to continue exports with the same strategy, based on the last test.

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Maybe unrelated, maybe not, but how are you managing 3 axes with only 7 masters?

Imagine a cube with one corner missing. Origin master at the opposite end.

 .' | 
|   |  | 
|  ,+--|---+     
|.'    | .'      
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I’m uncertain whether the issue stems from a non-square design space.
I experience the same issue with a project with 3 axes, 24 masters.

When I remove both masters situated at the extremes of my initial design space, it crashes. However, if I retain at least one of the extreme masters, the “Disable Masters” function works properly.

The issue I fixed was that when you remove all masters from one axes, that axis becomes empty and this wasn’t handled well.

I just found another issue that I have fix now.