Glyph Data for a script that is not in Unicode

I would like to add Book Pahlavi, a script that is not yet encoded in Unicode, into our GlyphData.xml and have the following lines. I am using PUA code points for now.

<glyph name="ain-phlv" category="Letter" sortName="phlv13" script="book pahlavi" unicode="10FB0D" production="u10FB0D" direction="RTL" description="BOOK PAHLAVI LETTER AIN" />
<glyph name="alef-phlv" category="Letter" sortName="phlv1" script="book pahlavi" unicode="10FB01" production="u10FB01" direction="RTL" description="BOOK PAHLAVI LETTER ALEF" />
<glyph name="alefHamzaabove-phlv" category="Letter" sortName="phlv2" script="book pahlavi" unicode="10FB02" production="u10FB02" direction="RTL" description="BOOK PAHLAVI LETTER ALEF WITH HAMZA ABOVE" />
<glyph name="alefHamzabelow-phlv" category="Letter" sortName="phlv3" script="book pahlavi" unicode="10FB03" production="u10FB03" direction="RTL" description="BOOK PAHLAVI LETTER ALEF WITH HAMZA BELOW" />
<glyph name="alefMaksura-phlv" category="Letter" sortName="phlv19" script="book pahlavi" unicode="10FB13" production="u10FB13" direction="RTL" description="BOOK PAHLAVI LETTER ALEF MAKSURA" />

I noticed the lines get ignored. Is there an issue in my data or perhaps there is some check in Glyphs 3 to prevent using unencoded scripts? Book Pahlavi is in ISO 15924 as Phlv. I do not seem to have this problem for scripts that are in Unicode.

As script name, you can’t use space, if my memory serves me right. You can camel case it, like “bookPahlavi” or anything you like. Then, in your Glyphs file, select your glyphs and choose Glyph > Update Glyph Info.

This is not true. There is “Black Letter” in the list and working fine.

Do you have more lines in the file that do work? Otherwise it might be that the file in not picked up at all.