Glyph Mini 2 Numbers?

Hay can anyone help, just trying out the Mini 2 trial and i don’t seam to be able to make a number ?
Is this because it is a demo? or does Mini 2 can not do numbers ?

Any help would be great.

The plot thickens i can open someone else font and the numbers show up for editing. along with the other symbols. but if i start my own font non of them show up?

I am using a mac on 10.12.3, i7, 16GB ram


Found the answer

had to “generate” each one.

(i do think that should be default thing ?)

You can generate more than one by selecting more than one in the left sidebar. Also, look in section 5.2.1 Generating New Glyphs of the Glyphs Mini 2 Handbook:
Other ways to add new glyphs to work on are mentioned there.