Glyph Missing in Illustrator CS6, Shows in FontBook

I have created a custom “font” of the 10 glyphs that I use everyday to speed up my workflow. I originally had problems getting 1 of the glyphs to show up after export, but after reading this post(CUSTOM glyphs - #2 by mekkablue), I was able to fix that issue and get all of 10 of the glyphs to export properly.

The Problem
The problem now, is that only 9 of those glyphs are showing up in Illustrator CS6, but all 10 show up in Font Book (see photo). The glyph that is not showing up is the same glyph that would not export before.

I Have Tried:

  • I restarted my computer a few times – no change.

  • I tried deleting the font caches by following this tutorial( is for sale | HugeDomains), but I may have missed something, because I could not find all of them on my computer – no change.

  • NOTE: I did not follow the steps in this tutorial(Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs) for clearing cache files, because I am on my work computer and I did not want to mess around with Terminal to clear the cache.

  • I tried using Font Nuke(Download FontNuke for Mac | MacUpdate) to clear my font cache(which also restarts computer) – no change.

  • I also tried activating the System Services as listed here(, but the functions that I was being told to activate were not listed – no change.

  • I also added the OTF file to all of the Adobe Fonts folders that I could find – no change.

I Am Using:
-Glyphs Mini ver. 1.5.7(47)
-Mac OS 10.11.5 (El Capitan)
-Illustrator CS6
-Font Book

Is there something I missed on the export?
NOTE: I tried to attach the Glyphs file as a zip, but I got an error saying new users could not upload attachments (which is weird, because the image is an attachment…)

Is it the last glyph that is missing?

Don’t install the font in Font Book when you still need to change stuff. Always use the Adobe Fonts folder:

What are the names and unicodes of the glyphs?

It is the square that is missing. I highlighted it in Font Book.

But Font Book doesn’t show the glyphs in the font order.

I was done making changes which is why I installed it via Font Book. Should I not install via Font Book every time? I also added the font to the Adobe Fonts folder.

The square is the one that is missing. It is named blackSquare and the Unicode for it is 25A0.

Correct, but the order isn’t really important, just that they are all there. I wasn’t sure if it was ordering them based on the glyph name or unicode number.

But I was wondering if it was the last one that is missing.

blackSquare is the missing glyph.
In the Glyphs Mini app, yes, it is the last glyph.
In Font Book, no, it is the second-to-last glyph.

Can you add an extra, empty glyph to the end of the Glyphs file?

That worked.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/898460fec89d4bab0d22844af7d6bbc7aa1beb83.png" width=“690” height=“246”

I had that problem before that some apps will ignore the last glyph or the last few kerning pairs. Very annoying bugs.

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That is such a weird problem, but I am glad that you were able to help me. Thank you, I appreciate it. Good luck fixing that bug (if you can)!

That is a bug in Illustrator. Can’t do much about it.

I figured as much. That’s unfortunate, but at least there is a known workaround.

You could add an empty glyph automaticly until Illustrator fixed it …?

I think it doesn’t always hide the last glyph. Just make sure you have some unimportant glyphs at the end, like lozenge or the like.