Glyph order in Greek

I’m finding issues in glyph order, namely that for example my /beta.ss02 doesn’t come after my /beta in the font window. (I have Keep Alternates next to base glyph checked in Font Info, and I have done Update Glyph Info from the Glyph menu.) Oddly, /beta.ss02 appears in the middle of the lowercase alphabet.

This is probably a separate issue, but it looks like Glyphs is ordering the greek alphabetically by name instead of by the Greek alphabet order (alpha, beta, chi, delta, epsilon, eta… instead of alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta…).

Only when Keep Alternates next to base glyph is checked, Greek letter order becomes Latin-alphabetical. This is also the case with other scripts (tested with Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese). I hadn’t noticed this (because I haven’t used that option before).

So is there no way of having the glyphs ordered by Greek alphabet with the associated glyphs together (e.g. alpha beta gamma gamma.ss01 delta…)?

Figures are a different story, but I’d think putting variants of the same letter next to each other should happen by default anyway.

The ‘Keep Alternates next to base glyph’ option will switch the sorting like you suggested.

Do you mean it will in an upcoming update? Because I’m not seeing it now in 2.2.2 (827).

This is a bug then. I’ll fix it.

I just tried it and it works as expected. Do you have a glyphOrder parameter in the font tab?
If you can solve it, can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sent to support@…

I’m not sure whether it’s the same bug, but I’m also getting some weird glyph ordering in the Latin every now and then. For instance, / insists on sorting itself among the /a*.sc characters:

What happens when you use the proper name ‘’?

Shouldn’t it be /, if anything?

Still, wouldn’t you expect the first segment of a composite name to determine the sorting rather than the middle segment?


Do you have “Keep alternates next to base glyph” activated?

Select the problematic glyph and use the Info for selection command. It happened to me several times, there were strange entries assigned to some glyphs (categories, subcategories) which caused wrong glyph order.

If I assign categories to an uncategorized glyph (say, using Info to assign gtilde to latin/letter/lowercase), should/could Glyphs file gtilde.ss01 next to it (assuming “keep alternates next to base glyph” is active)?

I didn’t have «Keep alternates next to base glyph» on. But even if it is off, shouldn’t something like be filed at the end of Latin like the .ssxx alternates, rather than in the middle of the /c glyphs? That just feels like a bug.

I fixed that. That had happened if you copy pasted a glyph.

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You need to set the category to both, then it will work. But it is better to call the glyph u_tildecomb.

Can you send me the file? I just tried it and it was always at the end.

Actually, now the sorting is normal. Maybe switching «Keep alternates next to base glyph» on and off again somehow refreshed the sorting…?