Glyph order on Font book and Finder

Hi everyone !
I’ve just export a new font, but I had an issue with glyph order on finder and font book.

And unordered in finder:

How can I adjust glyphs by order to show them like these in font book:

And in finder:

I don’t have any problem with glyph order on Glyph application
But to show glyph by order on finder and font book I need to know how to do that.


I can’t control that. macOS is selecting that in various factors.

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Hi @mekkablue @GeorgSeifert
Unfortunately I could not use this font on my project
It builds for Icons only and on the pic you can see how I used it

I also studied many article about it on the web and glyphs app documentations like these:

But it didn’t work, I don’t know why!
Could you Please help me up.

You can try and find out what makes Font Book and Finder display what. Inspect fonts that work as you wish. And see what is different from fonts that do not work as you wish. Best tools for that are OTMaster and FontTableViewer.

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The picture shows HTML/CSS. But that has nothing to do with the glyph order in the Quicklook previews of Finder.

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I would move the src into the font-face block.