Glyph order to rearrange automatically in AI0 ROS

When the ROS is set in Adobe-Identity-0, you need to order .notdef as the first character and space as the second (you need to add them manually if they are not present). I believe it wasn’t like this a few years back, but now you need to set the first two glyphs this way every time, otherwise you encounter many kinds of problems.

Was there a reason for this change (i.e. is it a bug or intended)? If it’s a bug, could you fix it?

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I thought NULL had to be the second glyph?

Maybe not in A-I-0. We’ve been telling literally everyone to have this glyphOrder to fix whatever issue they encounter. One of bizarre cases which can be fixed with glyphOrder is the impossibility to take an outline of certain characters in Illustrator.

Okay, still trying to figure out the best way to solve this, so please just leave this for now.

There seems to be a problem with makeOTF or the way I feed the data to it. It does not assign an unicode to the first glyph be it space or A. It does not matter if you add NULL or CR in between. Very strange.