Glyph positioning: Where to put it?

Hi! I added inferior and superior numbers to my font. These numbers have smaller spacing than normal sized numbers or capital letters.

What I want to achieve: If I place an inferior number next to a capital letter, the distance between the capital letter and the inferior number should be expanded. I would like to solve this by using pos to increase the spacing between capital letters and inferior numbers:

pos @Uppercase 8 @Inferior;

This works as a “calt” and also as a “kern” feature (surprisingly not in “case” as described in the “Positioning with number values” tutorial). Does it matter where I put this? Or is there a special place for it or a completely different solution?

Thank you!

That should go to the kern feature. The case feature is usually not activated (and it is meant to vertically position e.g. parenthesis to better match all cap settings).

Thank you very much for the quick answer, Georg.

Another question: How do I format code lines in this forum so that they don’t look like normal text? I’ve seen this in other forum posts :slight_smile:

In the editor, select the code and then choose the gear button :gear:Preformatted text.

There is no preformatted text under the gear button. Only Hide details and build poll.

Hmmm... ‹/› makes this...

But that’s not the right way, is it?

You did the right thing. I responded from my phone, so maybe the </> Preformatted text option is not hidden in the gear menu on wider screens.

OK, Cool! Thank you, Florian!