Glyph thumbnails invisible

I installed the new version of glyphs and as a result all the thumbnails of letters are missing in the general view. This also means that I can’t open any glyphs without making a new text tab first.

Also Glyphs crashes constantly when I try to open a file, or make a new tab or launch Glyphs.

What version of Glyphs and what MacOSX do you have?

Just uploaded an update.

I’m running 10.6.8

Would you recommend updating to Lion ?

That new update seems to have fixed things, thank you !

hello, i did load the update 1.2.4 today. yesterday, after the update from the weekend, the general overview worked well. right now after the last update, it is invisible.
working on os x 10.6.8 as well

There was a mixup in the update delivery. The 1.2.4 version is only intended for Leopard (10.5) users. Can you try again please?

it’s working! thanks!