Glyph U+FDFA doent work on adobe products

ligature U+FDFA -which is mistakenly named “allahlong-ar” and should be “SallallahouAlayheWasallam-ar”- doesnt work in Adove illustrator -font installed in adobe font folder-
though the features are written automatically

The automatic feature code seems to miss the positional alternates.

it’s that weird?
because the feature is automatically written

i even tried to add the positional alternates manually and still it didnt work

Yes, that is a bug.

What is important is what is actually substituted by the preceding features. Best way to find out is to activate those features in Edit view, select all, and copy the glyph names. I can imagine that there is some mixup between unsuffixed and .isol glyphs.

I had the same issue before regarding Arabic ligatures. Like Rainer says, you really need to keep track of what has happened to your glyphs by the point of the ligature, and get the context right.

How about this code? Put both lines in order to support context with space and without.

# context with space
sub sad-ar.init lam-ar.medi alefMaksura-ar.fina space alef-ar lam-ar.init lam-ar.medi heh-ar.medi space ain-ar.init lam-ar.medi yeh-ar.medi heh-ar.medi waw-ar.fina space seen-ar.init lam-ar.medi meem-ar.fina by allahlong-ar;
# without space sub sad-ar.init lam-ar.medi alefMaksura-ar.fina alef-ar lam-ar.init lam-ar.medi heh-ar.medi ain-ar.medi lam-ar.medi yeh-ar.medi heh-ar.medi waw-ar.fina seen-ar.init lam-ar.medi meem-ar.fina by allahlong-ar;


Thank you @Tosche so much i guess adding both codes somehow solved it
hopefully this can be included in the automatic written features in next updates

Great to know that it’s working! This is very tricky to automate though; the bottom line is that you have to use the alternates as context, but you might have done some extra contextual kerning or another ligature by this point, so it is more of your responsibility.

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