Glyphes is freezing


I did the joined-stroke-thing by dragging an open point to an other one, and Glyps is suddenly freezing, i don’t want to force exiting the app by fear of loosing all what i’ve done before my last saving (i did lots of kerning before saving again…) and I was wondering if there is a way to recover my actions done before saving.

Thanks for your help!

Glyphs Trial Version 1.4.5
Mac OS 10.8.5

freezing on the capital B

Glyphs saves every 10 seconds. So that is all you will lose. You can check the .glyphs file next to your glyphs file with “(Autosave)” in the name.

thanks a lot for your really fast answer!

i don’t see any files except the only one i created


if i force to quite, can you assure me i won’t loss my last changes?

Then you have the automatic versions feature active. Then the file should be saved in place and should be restored on relaunching the app. You can’t do much other then force quitting anyway.

just forced and relaunch the app, it kept my savings, thank you very much Georg