Glyphs 1357 crashes when closing a .glyphsproject

When ever I create a .glpyhsproject file, save that and then close said project, Glyphs 1357 crashes. Pls fix :pray:

@mekkablue pls fix!

atm, to close a project file, I have to (after G2 2.6.7 crashed) open an older version of G2 to be able to close the project, then quit that and reopen 2.6.7… this can’t be to solution.

on a side note: when exporting from a glyphsproject in G3 (3.0.4), the style linking goes missing :thinking:

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Can you send me that .glyphsproject (and the .glyphs file)?

Experiencing same problem as @Avenir : Opening 1357, glyphsproject file is open. Whenever I close it, G2 crashes.
I, too, experienced losing style links – every style was back to 100 suddenly.

I’ll have a look.