Glyphs 2.0 final for Mac OS 10.8?

Hello there,
I was testing the beta version of Glyphs 2 without any major issues on my Macbook with OS X 10.8 installed. Now that I wanted to give the non-beta version of Glyphs 2 a spin, it wouldn’t let me run the software on 10.8.

Are there any chances to get a working (and final) version of Glyphs 2 on OS X 10.8? Or were there any important reasons to raise the minimum requirements above 10.8?


Edit: And in case that isn’t obvious: For several reasons I cannot update my system to 10.9 or above.

Yes, there were. Glyphs 2.0 requires 10.9.5 or later. Some functions in G2 require more modern system libraries than 10.8 has to offer.

Fair enough. Guess I’ll have to stay with Glyphs 1 then.

Thanks for the quick response.