Glyphs 2.0 hand book?

The glyphs 2.0 handbook has been “coming soon!” for about 12 months now. I’m desperate to get my hands on it - any chance of a more accurate ETA?

I finished reading the final version yesterday. So it should be out in the next few days.


Woohoo! This is fabulous news! :wink:

Looking forward to it.

The Handbook is so great that I always dream with an Offset printed version :kissing_heart:

It can always be color laser printed, two sided, and make your own book.

I thought about a print on demand version. Would that be of interest? Can someone suggest a vendor in the US?

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That would be of definite interest to me, for sure!

FontLab has used in the past. Their 2-volume handbook went for about $41 for the set with fast turnaround.

The only thing I didn’t like about the manuals was that the inner pages were black-and-white only. The cover was in color.

I used previously (though it was years ago) and they were great. Very reasonable prices, great print quality, and quick shipping.

You can set up a portal shop to sell your book, and they can also handle the ISBN number and they will even get the book listed on

Keeping the book to only black/white/grey keeps the cost down.

That is true, but it is all toner, not ink and there’s really no great skill needed in running a digital press – at least not like the days of offset. The printer shouldn’t use color as an excuse to inflate the price too much. A reasonable percentage is OK but sometimes it becomes a way to gouge the customer.

I looked into the print on demand options and it seem to be possible. We will have something, soon.

Any progress on the availability of the 2.x handbook?

The proofreader had a bad flu. That set us back few days.

Yeah, I’d definitely be interested in a printed version.

@GeorgSeifert In the US, if you want a decent price on a printed version, use Lightning Source (I do not know if they do fulfillment).

Personally I’m looking forward to the PDF very much!

Ralf just posted a link to it inline.

Also during the period was crunch-time for a conference I help organize. Slowly getting through this illness, the successful conference is over, and the handbook is out!

Download the Glyphs 2.2 Handbook PDF from the Get Started page.

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