Glyphs 2.3 Collected Issues

I try to make one thread for the issues occurred with the named Glyphs Version, so we can address them in a rather collected way.

I just found one:
The PreviewPanel does show all instances, even if they are not set to active.
A) Is this wanted? It feels contradictory to what the user might expect.
B) I got a filter on some instances:

        Filter = "Transformations;LSB:-10;RSB:-10;";

Which now leads to a strange Bug: the previewPanel [when set to »Show all Instances«] applies this filter each time I select anything in a glyph or switch masters. This causes the displayed glyphs in the previewPanel to come closer and closer each click.

Suddenly got very very slow, don’t know what happened:

If I’m zoomed in (2245pt) and have nothing selected, when I swap masters it jumps to the centre, this is not always desirable… i.e. when I’m working on a comma, it flips out of my view…

This is something I also was wondering, if it could be changed to stay in the selected area when switching between masters.

I had the inverse. only two instances would show, although 10 were selected (masters were compatible)

This is a bug. It should keep the position relative to the center not jump to the center. I’ll fix it.

Can’t edit Unicode anymore? Selected it in the bottom left glyph info section in Font tab and I can’t edit, it same with in list view unicode column.

You can edit the Unicode only if you select “use custom naming” in font info.

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‘Selection to Background’ stopped working in the Font Tab — at least I remembered that would add that master layer to the background?

Works fine for me.

Glyphs does not ask me to send crash reports anymore

Put a component into another glyph’s background and rotate by 180° (e.g. A as component into background of V) --> 100% reproducible crash.

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Scaling evenly across handles doesn’t work still. (ctrl+alt?)

Version 2.3b (837)
Two tangent points are interacting weirdly:

I’m holding alt so that the angle of the line is locked but the bottom anchor point is moving?

In my environment, switching to TrueType instruction tool causes instant crash.

Cannot reproduce. Any Reporter plugins active?

Glyphs shows inactive and active instances in preview panel (I’m talking about “Show all instances” option). Glyphs 2.2 used to show only active instances: in 2.3 I don’t have control over it.

fixed it.

No. Turned off all view options and switched to TT Instruction tool. It worked, but when I was activating each view options back, the app crashed at Show Info. Activating all preinstalled view options except for Show Info is still fine (i.e. lets me switch to TT instruction tool), but when I turn on the info box, it crashes.

In edit view text now wraps mid-word:

Before words were kept together.

Glyphs Version 2.3b (837) on OS X 10.10.5 (14F1509)

I use ligatures in my calt feature.
To get automatic substituted ligatures, I turn on the feature in edit view (works just fine).

Now I’m trying to move the cursor through the text by pressing arrow keys.
The cursor behaves weirdly:
On the first key press it does not move at all, on the second the cursor moves to the right of the ligature (makes still some sense).

With the following ligature(s), the offset of the cursor gets bigger.

In the end the cursor is here:
[b_e] [b_e] [b_e] [space] [cursor]

Now, when i type something, the newly typed letter appears in the middle of the third ligature:
[b_e] [b_e] b [new_letter] [cursor] e [space]

I don’t know, if this is new in 2.3.

When ›arrowing‹ through ligatures in Indesign, it places the cursor right in the middle of the ligature. I think this behavior would work fine in Glyphs as well. (2.9 MB)