Glyphs 2 won't open on mac

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with opening Glyphs on my Mac. The version I have installed on my Mac is 10.13.6 High Sierra. Yesterday I also had this problem, but after a few tries it did start again, But now it seems like it doesn’t want to open it at all.
This is what I get when I want to open it:

I have already downloaded the new version of Glyphs and installed it several times.

Thanks in advance!

update: I’ve managed to get it to work by holding option + shift when starting it. I think a plugin is the problem but I can’t seem to anything since I’ve deleted every plugin. Where can I check that the plugins are removed?

update: everything works.

What was it?

I found the plugin folder and saw that a drawbot plugin wasn’t properly removed. I removed the plugin + scripts and everything works fine now!

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