Glyphs 3.05 (3116) transromations changend?

I just opend a file with the latest version and some of my components have been transformated different (moved below the line)…
Is that OK?

Do you have filters on the x-height metrics?

yes, but this version also killed my metrics in some masters



I wrote that several times: don’t add filters to the default metrics like x-height.

Can you send me that file that looses the metrics when opening it in the latest version?

sent to info…

sorrry, but it is very inviting. Maybe, you should concider to prevent that in the ui.

The file opens fine for me in all versions I tried.

Yes. I’ll have a look.

Things got messed up with copy and paste problem of the font info metrics and the auto-save auto open mechanism.

So, the altered transformation is not caused by the 3116. It is caused by copying and pasting font info metrics.