Glyphs 3.2 Crashing

Hi there

Are there anyone other than me that experience a lot of crashes?

Yesterday Glyphs crashed maybe 10-15 times under different operations. Some of the crashes came when I just moves anchors or nodes around.

But it always crashes when I use HTLS manager script “HT Letterspacer for all masters”. It worked just a few days back, but not anymore. Does anyone experience the same problem?

I’m running 3.2(3217) and I have un/reinstalled all my modules and plugins.


Please send all the crash reports from the dialog that comes up when you restart the app. And add a note pointing to this thread.

Those crashes are most likely caused by one of the plugins. Try removing them one by one to see if you can eliminate the problematic one (or two)?

running 3.1.2 and am under the impression that if I press save right before exporting that it crashes consistently …

@andreasrasmussen What python version do you have?

Python version: 3.11.3 (Glyphs).
Is that fine?