Glyphs 3 (3053) Guidelines aligned to sidebearings

Since I started using Glyphs 3 the sidebearing alignment options have not worked for me. Could it be that they work correctly and I have something wrong configured?

Actually this is the alignment for the center option:

Thanks in advance!

The screenshot doesn’t show a malfunction; the alignment option is just for the coordinate space origin. The guide should stay in the same relative position in respect to LSB/center/RSB when you change the width.

The difference with the alignment settings only show when you chain the spacing or in glyphs with different width.

Thank you very much for your answers. Perhaps I did not know how to explain well, it happens that between version 2 and 3 the centering works differently, for me in version 2 is correct aligned to the center x=300, but the info appears as 269. Then when trying to move the guide horizontally it does not allow me (as expected) but the value in x keeps changing even when the guide remains in the same position.

…then if I open that same file in version 3 the guideline places it in the coordinate x = 587.

Also in version 3 the guide, even if it is locked at the center, can be manipulated on the x-axis. I do not know if it is a theme of the Python version that I have selected, in my case it is the 3.8.2 (Glyphs).

Thanks again for the support!

The difference is that the origin of the guide is computed from the center. So you can set the guide to X units left or right off the center. If you like the old behavior from Glyphs 2, make sure you set it to X=0.