Glyphs 3 Always Crashing On Mac Studio

Ever since I got a Mac Studio (OS 12.6), Glyphs 3 continually crashes – always on startup, using the transform panel, typing in Text Preview, typing in a point size in Text Preview, opening a window, etc. Plug-in filters will not show up, and I can’t install Python. In an eight hour day I restart Glyphs about 30 times. All my other programs work just fine.

Is it just my machine or does anyone else have this problem?

What version of Glyphs do you have (the four digit number)?

Can you remove all plugins (e.g. by hiding down Opt+Shift when starting the app).

And please send all crash reports. The ones that show up when you restart the app.

Make sure you have the latest version of Glyphs 2 or 3. Download it from the Get App page.

Is it Glyphs 2? Read this: Glyphs 2 on Monterey | Glyphs

No matter which version, try the steps in this tutorial (Georg mentioned some already):

I’m using 3.0.1 (3039). I’ve deleted all plug-in, and it works well for a while, but still spontaneously crashes. Just now it crashed while trying to open the app. RMX Harmonizer and Show Stem Thickness are essential for my work so uninstalling them is not an option.

Sorry folks, but after I finish this project I’ll have to look into FontLab. It seems much more stable, I don’t have to install the plug-ins I need, and (as far as I know) there’s no fussing with Python. I really like Glyphs, but this is too much. :frowning:

Any reason why you don’t use the latest version?

I wasn’t aware there’s a 3.1. Every time I checked for updates the program crashed. I’ll try this now. Thanks!