Glyphs 3 compatibility with macOS 14.0 Sonoma

It looks like the first image from my post of 4 October: but initially with the eyes diagonal, which move to align right the moment I touch a key (to make the screen image) or move the mouse. Of course as mentioned before, as long as I use the first “-” entry or “Show All Instances” only, the shift does not appear. It start from the moment an instance is selected.

Update from my side: combination of update to macOS 14.1 and the latest betas fixed all issues for me. No more jumping (I attribute that to the macOS update) and no more menu drawing issues (build 3224).

Update: Did experience a small number of menu redrawing issues. But not reproducible after a restart of the app.

So is it, as of today, totally safe to update to the most current Sonoma 14.1.1?

macOS 14.1.1 works well for me.


Thanks, Florian!