Glyphs 3 crashes on open

Hi three, Glyphs 3 keeps crashing when I try to open any file or start a new document. Any thoughts? I send a couple of crash notices.

Can you hold down the Option and Shift key when you start the app to disable plugins?

And what exact version of Glyphs do you have?

Hi Georg, yes that works, but Glyphs 3 is crashing a lot. I try to export and it works, then the next time it crashes, then I open (without plugins because those make it crash) and it export fine, then I export again and it crashes. I’m running 3.0.4 (3097). Is anyone else having this issue?

Can you track down which plug-in is responsible for the crash?

Happy to, do I remove all plugins and then re-install one by one and see?

Open the Plugins folder (located next to the scripts folder, choose from the menu ScriptOpen Scripts Folder). Delete the plugins one by one and restart Glyphs after each. If Glyphs works fine after you have deleted a plugin, then it’s likely that that plugin is the cause of the crashes.

The process will go quicker if you remove two at a time – one from the top and one from the bottom. Once it quits crashing, you only have the last two to test again.

You can also remove all of them at once, then add back two at a time. That works too.

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Cool, thanks. I uninstalled all and reinstalled one by one and everything is working now on opening Glyphs 3. Maybe I just needed to update them? I don’t know. It’s still crashing on export randomly every 3-4th time I export. Any thoughts on that?

Please send all crash reports (the dialog that come up when you restart Glyphs). Add your name and maybe a reference to this thread.

And when I try to debug plugins like this, I re-move the first half. If it works now, I swap the two halves and see if the first batch is really causing the crash (sometimes it is caused by a combination of crashes, those are a nightmare to find). Then keep doing the halving until only one is left that causes the crash.

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Okay. I’m not having any crashes on opening now but I’m still crashing when I try to export. It’s happening every time now, for awhile it was just randomly. I sent a report.

Did you try without plugins, just to be sure?

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

Sure, how do I send to you?

Send it to support at this domain.