Glyphs 3 crashes while working on Color layer

Glyphs 3.0.5 (3110) crashes many times while working on color layers
any coming solution for that?

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I would a problem that could cause this. To be sure, could you send me a screen recording of what you are doing?

I think the best solution is submit the crash report you get after the restart, and add the last thing you did. I’ve noticed it’s pretty hard to track the cause when working with color layers: Sometimes it’s just rearranging a layer or removing one, other times it’s working in one or copy-pasting. It can be quite sensitive.

Mind, I recently upgraded to a new machine and had a big drop in crashes so far (knocks on wood), so there is also the possibility of software/hardware combinations.

I found one crash that might be connected with color layers. But please keep reporting. And add a note that refers to this thread.

I submitted more than 4 crash reports actually not only one and the crash happens in multiple scenarios so its not the easiest to track
now if i am doing an edits within the color layer the whole app freezes then crashes

i will try to make a screen recording tho