Glyphs 3 Crashing (06/01/22)

My Glyphs 3 has been working perfecting until this morning. I woke up. my matching and was greeted by the “Glyphs 3 quit unexpectedly” window. When I click “reopen” it crashes again. I have restarted my machine several times. No luck.

I don’t have any extensions in Glyphs. I have tried deleting Glyphs, restarting, and reinstalling. The crash keeps happening. Any ideas?

Please find all .glyphs files that have a “(autosave)” with in the name. Move them somewhere else or compress them to .zip and remove the original.

Hi, I don’t have any glyphs files with autosave in the name. I compressed my .glyphs files into a zip file. I still crash.

Can you reinstall your license file?

And can you have a look in the “” in Crash Report and send me one or two of the crash reports?

That did it! I reinstalled the license file. I got a Glyphs crash report, then it started right up. Thank you!