Glyphs 3 crashing while using Text Preview

I’ve recently been proofing my typeface and when using the ‘text preview’ and adjusting handles it keeps crashing, it happened 3 times last night (I sent in the crash reports).

Not sure why this is happening, it also wasn’t updating live changes to the letters, although I don’t use ‘text preview’ much, so it could have been that this isn’t a feature of this panel.

Also to note; the preview was usually a default font and not my current one, I had to close and re-open the panel multiple times in order to get it to show my typeface.

What version of Glyphs do you have? Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

Currently running 3.0.4, when I click update it says i’m up to date, is there a way to install the latest cutting edge version?

Also just to note, Glyphs just crashed again while I was only adjusting handles, no text preview.

Preferences > Updates and check both boxes, then click on Check Now. After that you will receive automatic notices when you first open Glyphs.