Glyphs 3 demo crashing on OSX 10.11.6

I’m getting s few crashes while running the demo. Trying to create an Instance results in a crash. Anyone else experiencing this?

Have you send a crash report (the one that comes up when you restart the app)?

I’ve just sent it, using this username in the Name field. The main dialogue box in the window is empty though.

I crash on the demo every time i try to open an individual character. I have sent a report. I would really like to buy. thank you.

Did you install any plugins? Can you try to start the app with the Option and Shift keys pressed?

Hi, no I dont have any plugins installed. I tried to start it w/ shift and option and that didnt do anything. The same crash happened. I sent another report. I only have one day left on the trial. Any solutions? Thanks.

Can you post the text from the crash report?

i can not, i did not have a chance to get to it with christmas, and now the trial is over. 2.6 works fine. what are my options. thanks and have a good holiday.