Glyphs 3 from fresh Big Sur install

A recent Mac upgrade coincided with recent major updates to Glyphs and macOS (Big Sur) so I decided to install all the current latest release versions on the fresh machine.

I can neither get Python (and therefore any Glyph scripts) or plugins working. On my previous setup I remember something around system protection and needing to run some system flag via the terminal for plugins not notarised by Apple, but have since forgotten what magic spell made it work last time. From memory that time around, Python worked, but now I get no love from either Python or installed plugins, reducing me to stock Glyphs 3 without any additional goodies. Kerning and spacing is therefore rather problematic for me.

Is this a known issue and is there anything in the documentation/troubleshooting that could be of assistance?

Glyphs 3 can install a Python 3 runtime package from within Window > Plugin Manager > Modules. You can select which Python installation to use from Glyphs > Preferences > Addons.

Plugins installed from the Plugin Manager should be fine, along with Glyphs opening plugins to install them. The only possible issue might be manually copying them into a directory, I believe.

More info on the Extending Glyphs tutorial. Hope that helps.

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Do you happen to have a Mac with Apple processor? The python environment is almost finished to work properly there. Some parts are only officially working since a few days ago and the installation is still finicky.
I’ll check and write a tutorial.

No, it is an i9.

I pinpointed one of my issues with BubbleKern not being Python 3 compatible (have submitted a PR which has already been merged into master, so that runs now :slight_smile: ).

The ‘Show BubbleKern outlines’ plugin that comes with it however still is causing me grief. Below is my console output. It appears something to do with the Glyphs 3 sandbox not being able run the binary blob in the plugin. Again, I don’t know what spell to cast to get it to trust the blob.

Then you need to install the plugin differently. Either install it through the plugin manager or by double clicking and letting Glyphs install it. But not manually copying it to the plugin folder.