Glyphs 3 New MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.5 Crashing Constantly

Just upgraded from an old outdated Intel Mac running Glyphs 3.2.2 (3259) that never crashed.

Now, I’m on a new M3 running Sonoma 14.5 and I’ve installed and run 3.3 (3311) which seemed to crash often, every hour or couple hours, randomly. Switched back over to 3.22 (3259) and it seemed to solve the problem, but then the crashing started again. Sometimes it can hold out for an hour or so with no crashing, but it can also crash within 5 minutes, or within any time increment, really. And it happens from anything such as editing a glyph, to opening a new Glyphs file, to going through Settings, it seems to crash consistently and randomly.

I tried to match all my settings and scripts/plugins/modules from the stable version on my old MacBook in a way to help troubleshooting, but so far no luck.

Either Glyphs version I open now will crash in the same way, so it doesn’t even seem related to the different versions between 3.2—3.3.

Sent through a few crash reports. Can continue sending them. Trying to only work on one .glyphs file now to simplify everything.

I’m running M3 on Sonoma as well and I don’t have such issues. Can you reproduce the crashes in a new user?

Can you try to start without plugins. Hold down the Option + Shift key when you start Glyphs.

Thanks, so far its been stable since disabling plugins. Will report back after some time.

Well, since deactivating plugins it’s been stable for many hours now in a way that it wasn’t previously. I’m starting to wonder where I can go from here.

I could probably get by simply not using plugins. But, the two that are most helpful are Show Stems (Light) and Show Tops and Bottoms, with the latter probably being the one I’d choose if I had to choose between them.

And just for clarification the only plugins I did have installed were:
Change Keyboard Increment
Show Stems (Light)
Show Tops and Bottoms
Show Underline

And this is far less than I had installed on my old machine.

At this point looks like I’d be okay reverting back to 3.3 (3311) and just keeping the plugins deactivated, since it looks like it has nothing to do with the build.

Thanks for your help!

First make sure you have the latest version of the python module.
So remove all plugins from the Repositories and Plugins folder. Then add one plugin at a time and use it for a while. If it is stable, add the next. If not we have the culprit. But I suspect that simply re-installing the plugins might fix things.

I removed all plugins from Repositories and Plugins folders.

I just checked in Terminal and it said something about no developer tools found, so after a prompt for an install and then running ‘python3 --version’ a second time it showed I have Python 3.9.6 installed. Maybe I just didn’t have anything installed prior to this which caused the problem?

From here I’ll just add one plugin at a time starting with the RMX plugin which is the other really important one I use often.

Hopefully I’m on the most current Python version, it’s a little different than what I just read in the ‘upgrading to Python 3’ Glyphs quick guide which says Python 3.7.5.

Wait, in Glyphs Addons it shows Python version 3.11.9 (Glyphs), so yeah I guess there’s higher versions. I’m not well versed on all this stuff, so I might need some help. I see that there’s a 3.12.4 out should I be using Terminal to install the latest version? Don’t know how to do that, so please advise.

Okay, I just ran the command in Terminal and it’s now showing version 3.11.9 which matches the version in the Glyphs Settings Addons.

The Terminal is not the right place to check. Do that in the macro window. And in Preferences > Addons.

Okay, well everything shows that I’m on 3.11.9, and I’ve had RMX Tools plugin installed and things are going well. I guess I’ll just take it slow and add the other plugins one at a time in the next day or so.

Let us know when you find the culprit.

I’ve the same issue since weeks. Glyphs crashing at least 10-20 times per day. Often when I open a font, or an additional font, sometimes if I export and just change the check box from OTF to WOFF. Seems like all happen pretty randomly.
That’s all I remember just now.
OS(13.3.1 ) & (3311)

Did you try without plugins?

No, I need my plugins to work. Even if I would remove all plugins, that wouldn’t explain why it’s crashing while using the export window. So far at least 28 crashes today, by using the check boxes or switching between “OTF” and “variable” section. :man_shrugging:

You might have a plugin installed that is causing the crashes.

Testing without plugins (when launching Glyphs, hold Option+Shift) will indicate whether indeed a plugin is causing the crashes or whether it’s a Glyphs issue.

Yes, disabling plugins is not a permanent solution but only a debugging step. When it is stable without plugins, remove them all and then install one, try it for a while and if it is stable, add another one. And if it starts crashing, we know what plugin was the problem.