Glyphs 3: Removing a sidebearing formula

In Glyphs 2, if I delete a sidebearing formula it simply keeps the sidebearing, just without a formula. Good! That’s what I want.

In Glyphs 3, if deleting a sidebearing formula sets the sidebearing to zero at the same time. Oh no! I certainly don’t want that.

Can we get back the old behaviour, please?

How/where do you remove the formula?

Update: This seems to happen only in a specific scenario: In the Font Tab, if I remove a sidebearing formula immediately after editing it.

For me, this is a frequent scenario, though: To remove the sidebearing formulas for a bunch of glyphs, I select these glyphs, enter a name that does not exist (which turns cyan) and then remove it. Of course, I would not want this to change the sidebearings of the glyph.

Another issue I just noticed: If I remove a sidebearing formula that starts with == i.e. for a specific master then Glyphs 3 does not instantly use the global sidebearing formula. I need to close and re-open the font for this to happen. This bug is new in G3. G2 updates the sidebearing formula instantly.

Another issue: Sometimes glyphs have that little blue triangle even though there are no outdated sidebearing formulas, i.e. no red ones.
It seems to happen when I have formulas with an @. Could it be that Glyphs determines whether a formula is up-to-date on the basis if fractional numbers in some cases, and integers in others? In any case, after performing “Update Metrics for All Masters” one would expect the blue triangle to disappear.

I had a look at that, but could not figure it out, yet. I put in a hack to prevent the problem for now.

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