Glyphs 3 trial version

Download new version as a 30 day trail and I’m having this issues with it.
When I open up an old UFO file make changes in it save it and then close the file I can’t reopen that file again?

Is this because of some limitation with the 30 day trail version? Or other issues?


No. The trail version doesn’t limit this. Can you send me the saved file? For now, can you save as a .glyphs file?

Yes I can send you file just need an address to message you at.

I also did a test with an older UFO file. I opened it up in Glyphs 3, saved it as a UFO and as a Glphy file then closed it. Can’t open the new UFO file in Glyphs 3 but the Glyphs file i can??

Send it as a direct message in the forum or to support at this domain.

Glyphs was saving as a .glyphs file but kept the .ufo suffix. I fixed it.