Glyphs (3236) issue



I think it is one of the plugins, have removed all and works fine, will install some of them again when I get a chance


I’m doing a revival and involves copy/past from illustrator…(not sure if this is relevant).

The situation:

  1. I have a jpg inserted as a guide on n and o.
  2. have drawn a number of shapes on each glyph.

What creates the error:
When I switch to the Text preview (the T on menu) and click to type the ‘o’ next to the ‘n’ I get this message… :

Something went wrong inside python code
*** -[__NSArray0 objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty array

I cannot find a remedy, the dialogue box repeats until I have to force quit.

I also now get this error on other glyphs files.

Python Version: 3.11.6 (Glyphs)
Glyphs version: 3.2 (3236)
Running on MacMini - M1
Sonoma 14.2.1

Same error here, no matter what we do, Glyphs Python troubles with that build.