Glyphs 3238–3241 increasingly unstable

Hi, Glyphs is now barely usable and extremely unstable – I’m working on a project using corner components (only two types of them).

Sometimes it crashes right after typing a new character in text view, or moving a point 10 units, or adjusting a pasted screenshot, or nudging some curve. In general, after almost any common task you do every time.

I have tried all the advice I found about crashes in the “Learn” section.
I have blocked all plugins and Glyphs is as unstable as before.

I’m attaching the latest crash report. I wonder what the problem is?
Thanks for investigating!

Glyphs 3241 crash 17.02.2024.txt (140.7 KB)

I’m sorry about that. Can you try to close the Preview Text window? The crash report points in that direction. And please send all crash reports with the dialog that comes up when you restart the app.

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Meaning you just need to confirm that dialog. The information we receive is vital for fixing crashes.

Ok, thanks, I’ve submitted about a dozen times in the last 24 hours, but sure, I’ll send it again

I’m somewhat sad to report that it was the Text Preview window indeed. I have been using intensively for half an hour without it and no problems! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ll have a look.

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