Glyphs App ccmp feature

Is there some inconsistency here in the automatically generated features?

I have combining and non-combining accents in my my .glyphs file. i.e. these

Yet the auto-generated code is

Non combining diacritic glyphs are being included in the @Markscomb, such as acute breve caron cedilla circumflex etc evne though their combining counterparts are in the file

@Markscomb = [dotbelowcomb brevebelowcomb macronbelowcomb acute breve caron cedilla circumflex dieresis dotaccent grave hungarumlaut macron ogonek ring ring_acute tilde dieresis.wide];

Is this correct?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Ah I realised why it was having trouble, because I didn’t have * diacritics, just .case diacritics. Looks good now!

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